Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thing #10 Playing around with images

My first choice was Wordle. I used a James Taylor song (the bottom Wordle). Next, I took a document segment from an IB History DBQ (the top Wordle). It is from an assignment about Mao Zedong and the Chinese Civil War. Perhaps students could take documents we use, put them in Wordle and comment about the words that appear larger and the relationship of those words to the questions in the DBQ. They could perhaps share their Wordle and their thoughts about the document to the rest of the class.

I liked doing the Wordles.

I looked at Glogster. Creating a poster sounded neat, but some of the examples they showed made me uncomfortable about sending students there. I would consider some of the samples not at all appropriate. Same thing with Custom Sign Generator.

Then I went to Comic Strip Generator. That was neat. I looked through their images of famous people... no John Wayne :-( I did find Pierce Brosnan and created a sign for AP Macroeconomics. As I add pictures, they are added to the beginning of the post. I can't seem to get them to come with the paragraph that discusses the particular picture.
I know that I am more conservative than many people... I think it is important to look at image sites before telling students what to use... same as with anything we do... we have to be careful about what we select and make sure it is appropriate for the assignment and for students.
Also, I think time is a big factor. If I give students specific sites to go to, it will help reduce the time students need to do an assignment. They can spend more time on the assignment itself rather than spending lots of time looking around at many sites.


  1. Glogster has a school section with some reaally wonderful interactive poster may want to revisit that area!

  2. Thanks... I will look at it. Is it

  3. willtake you specifically to the archived school projects

  4. I think the kids would really like glogster. The kids like to do projects that involve technology. They are way more tech savy than we are.

  5. I'll try the site Vaughn sent. I was put off by Some of the pictures they had made me uncomfortable about sending students to that site. Going straight to school projects would be better.

  6. I liked reading your post about this "thing". I was glad to read your journey with this project and to see what other people liked doing to their photos. Neat idea to put a song into Wordle!