Monday, June 15, 2009

Thing #3 Creating Blog & Avatar

I don't feel like I know what I'm doing! But, I have the blog and I managed to export my Avatar to my blog. I couldn't tell whether the avatar was actually exporting, so I ended up with three copies on my blog! Getting rid of two of them was pretty easy.

Creating the Avatar was fun. It was like playing dress up doll. I was looking for an outfit that expressed some aspect of my life or personality. When I saw the Japanese kimono, I thought it would be neat if they also had a Korean hanbok. I would have chosen that, because I lived in Seoul, South Korea for 5 years, teaching at Seoul International School. But, no hanbok. So, I chose the Elizabethan dress, since Queen Elizabeth I is my most favorite person ever. Too bad I don't get to teach about her in my IB History classes :-(

I'm going to try to add information about myself to the blog and see if that will be successful. The learning curve is going in a positive direction!


  1. The Elizabeth avatar is perfect for you. I too love reading about Queen Elizabeth I. But I really just love English history.

  2. ok---some thing wierd happened because I posted on your blog yesterday and it didnt register. I will try again. I love your avatar. I always like Elizabeth I too. But, I loved all English history.