Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing #9 Blogs & News Feeds

My biggest passions are my students and my daughter. I looked at the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and read the article about creating a circle of the wise. What she had to say about choosing what to read and who to listen to was very true... your friends and those you associate with have an influence on you as well as you having an influence on them. Choosing those who are a positive influence and with whom you can learn and grow as a person is very important.

I tried Edublogs' Award Winners, Technorati and School Library Blogs on Suprglu. I was trying to find sites or blogs about European History. It actually did not work out so well. When I did a search on Technorati for teaching history, I got too many choices. I tried to narrow it by putting in European History; then I got a lot of choices that had nothing to do with history. Some were about Father's Day or other topics.

Edublogs' Award Winners was interesting. I found a blog called Creative Teaching. It sounds like the author home schools. There were sites attached that will be good for my daughter... math, science, spelling... information and games. I added Creative Teaching to my Reader.

Another blog on Edublogs' was about a class blog from a teacher in Australia. That was interesting. I read a couple of the entries... it was almost the end of school and told about a question the students had to answer. The last post was a list of awards the teacher gave students for their work on the class blog during the year.

None of the search tools were confusing. The problem is how to word a search in a way so that what you are looking for comes up. There doesn't seem to be too many history blogs.

While looking at the different blogs at Technorati, I saw one about someone's travels and that sent me looking for Rick Steve's blog. I LOVE to travel and enjoy his show on PBS very much. So I have added his blog to my Reader.

I think the biggest obstacle to finding things is time. There is so much on the web, it takes time to sift through it to find what is useful.

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  1. I found some really great blogs back in 2007 when I was involved with the awards and continue to read several of them today. I always check out what blogs they are reading as well...virtual networking I guess you would call it!