Friday, June 19, 2009

Thing #6 Mashups

I have never heard of mashups before. It sounds like a really neat idea... taking information from several different sources and creating a totally new product. That would be a neat project to create for students to do that. Several concerns come to mind. One is copyright issues, depending on where students get their information. Second, some of what I read about mashups sounded so technical... I'm not sure I could actually create one as a model for students to see and reference in creating their own.

The most common examples I saw used Google Maps. There are several units in history that students could take a map of Europe or a map of Africa and combine that with information from other sources to create a mashup of colonization statistics/information or a mashup of Revolutions of 1848 or a mashup of WW II battles/information.

I created both a trading card and a mosaic. I used Louis XVI for the trading card, because I was thinking about a similar assignment I have my 12th grade do. I created the mosaic, thinking about my Model United Nations students. Groups of students research a country. They could create a mosaic showing aspects of their country and give a presentation to the rest of the group, discussing their countries through the pictures they chose for their mosaic. I hope the students think that is as cool as I think it is!

I am able to "share" the trading card and mosaic by posting it to my blog, but I was unable to get it on this specific post. For each product, I clicked on "share", then "share this". I don't know how to get it on this specific post. I tried saving both images to my desktop on my computer, then I was going to copy and paste, but that option did not work. There is more to learn!
Vaughn, thanks for the tip. As you can see, it worked!


  1. you have use the "picture" button on the blog post tool bar. have the picture/item saved on your your pictures file, on your desktop, wherever you put it.

    go to your post, either a new one or in edit mode if you want to add to existing post...there is a little "picture" click on that...browse for the file and then upload...

    be sure your picture has been saved in blog friendly choice jpg, png works also

  2. I like both of your ideas to use with your classes. The kids like using different types of technology.

  3. I love Mosaic Maker. It can be used so many ways.