Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thing #8 RSS Feeds/Reader

I like the Google Reader. Having various websites I like to look at all in one place is really convenient and time saving. I think those are the two best things about having a Google Reader. The drawback is that I couldn't put some websites on my Reader that I wanted to add. One I wanted to put on is I did add

I do have five sites on my Reader. All are school related in some way. Two of them I get in my e-mail each day. Two more are helpful for my Model UN club and the fifth is one I found through the Google Alert I set up in a previous lesson. I chose it because it will help me with Economics curriculum writing I have been asked to do this summer.

I can use the Reader to keep up with information important to specific subjects I teach. I'm not sure right now how else I can use this technology in school. It seems the only way to share what I have on my Reader is to choose articles I see and put in e-mail addresses for those people I want to share with. That seems like a lot of work. For example, if I see an article about an issue we are researching in Model UN, I would have to type in all the students' e-mail addresses to share the article with them. That's a lot of students.

Right now, the best thing I can see about Google Reader is that it makes it easier for me to browse through information and choose what is most relevant... making me a more informed teacher for my students.

I'm not sure how libraries/teachers/administrators can use Readers other than gathering information in one place and allowing them to share a particularly interesting or important article with others.

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