Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thing #12 How should one comment on a blog?

I learned a lot about different kinds of blogs reading the Wikipedia article. There is a whole different vocabulary to learn.

The articles about commenting on blogs seemed common-sense, but I'm sure they are necessary. It seems that the point to a blog is to foster communication and exploration on a particular topic. Just like classroom discussion needs ground rules so that all students can participate in civil discourse, the same needs to happen on a blog. It seems that two important points to keep in mind are (a) the comments need to be meaningful and (b) make it easy to comment.

Knowing why something is good, or what specifically can be improved is better than just "that's great." The more information provided can lead to new ideas. Some of the ideas, like posing questions at the beginning and using open ended statements were good things to think about to encourage comments and discussion on a blog.

One discussion centered on whether a person should reply to every comment on his/her blog.

It was not surprising to read about "Darth Commentor". Not only are there people out there that have their own agenda and do not believe it important to have discourse in a civil manner, but some people seem to want to destroy what other people have. One thing that worries me about blogging and social websites is the possibility of viruses or other problems being spread as many people get onto a blog.

Ease of commenting is also importnat. I, for one, have trouble with technology. The easier, the better!

I looked through the blogs and wrote a comment on one. At the end was "comment as: select profile". I didn't know which one to choose, so I couldn't post my comment.

On my Google Reader, I have Rick Steve's blog... Blog Gone Europe. I love to travel and enjoy his show on PBS so I have started reading his blog. My favorite actor is John Wayne. I found the official website and they have a discussion forum. I have registered for that. Their registration is rather elaborate. They want to keep off spammers. If you don't make any comments within 60 days, your account becomes deactivated. I don't know if that qualifies as a blog, exactly, but it seemed close, since the point is to foster discussion among John Wayne fans.


  1. your profile is had to open a google account in order to set up your blog.

  2. Vaughn, Thanks for the help. For some reason, though, when I wrote comments and posted them, I did not have to make a selection. It came up automatically as "student4ever (google)". It's nice when it works, even if I don't know what I did differently today.

  3. it depends sometimes on whether you are already sign in or not! For instance, if you signed in to do a posting and the nwent off to read other's postings and did not sign out, "it" would already recognize you.
    If you sat down to read blogs first, you probably will be asked to sign in the first time you go to comment (that may have been the case the other day?)

  4. I love reading blogs. I have about 10 that I read everday. It is a great way to keep up with other people.