Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thing #20 Web 2.0 Visual Tools

The first URL is for "The First World War: War Without End Part I" covers information in the summer of 1918.

The second URL is for "Germany after WW II" which covers the start of the Cold War up to the Berlin Blockade/Airlift. It was put on teachertube by the American Institute for History.

Question: I copied the URL and clicked on "edit html" when I put it in my blog, but I can tell that a person will not be able to click on the URL and see the video. How do I get the URL to link?

I was surprised to find history videos on You Tube. There were several on World War I and World War II that were quite good! It would be nice to know who the group is for each. There is their name, but nothing about them. I need to put in more history topics and see what there is. I did try some 19th century topics, but nothing came up. They seem to have only 20th century.

The advantage of You Tube over the Streaming Video we have at school is that I can look at You Tube at home. I'm assuming (not a good idea.. I'll try it out at school) that if I can access You Tube on my school laptop, I can access it at school to use in class.

I also looked at Teacher Tube. I was not as impressed with that. At my level of classes, I prefer professional videos, rather than videos produced by someone's class. However, I did find some videos produced by the American Institute for History. There is a really good one for introducing the Cold War.

Basically, both are additional tools that I can use in my classroom. Having good videos is very valuable. Students remember them and it enhances learning.

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