Monday, July 13, 2009

Thing #14 Technorati & Tags

As I understand Technorati so far, is a site for searching for blogs. The tags would help a person find a blog that matches one's interests.

At first I thought that Technorati would not be very useful in a history class. Blogs seem to be about today, current events, right now. I need information about the past.

I did a search of School Library Learning 2.0 at Technorati. Using the blog directory, 248 results came up. When I filtered "tags only", there were no results. I think there were no results because there were too many words. I also filtered using "search blogs" and got 71 results. This gave me a list of people's blogs who were doing school library learning classes.

Using the blog directory gave me too many choices. I liked "search blogs" better. It was much quicker to scan 71 descriptions.

Then I used "search blogs" and put in history+Russia. A lot of the results were about Russia today, but I found a couple of blogs about Russian history! I'm really excited about one of the blogs I found. The writer/author gave his e-mail address so I have written him and asked if I could use his blog in my class and I sent him a link to my school website, so he could see what I teach.

One of his blogs is called "A Soviet Poster A Day" so I hope to get a positive response.

I want to go back to the Technorati site and do more searches for other countries that I spend a lot of time on. It's a good thing it's summer... it takes time going through all of these sites and doing all of these searches but some interesting things are coming up.

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