Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thing #12 How should one comment on a blog--revisited

I was able to comment on a number of blogs today. Another teacher had commented on one of my postings. I had not replied back, but have now done so. I can see if a person had a blog with many people posting to the blog that it would be really difficult to reply individually to each one, but it also does seem rather rude, if someone "talks" to you, to not talk back.

I also now am a member of the John Wayne forum. It is a blog. I made my first posting on that site today. That was interesting... we'll see what happens. They had a thread about a John Wayne movie I used to show my 7th grade Texas History students, so I wrote about that and why I used the movie in my class.


  1. The Alamo I'm betting...
    We used to load up all of our 7th graders every year and take them to the little district movie theater (complete with popcorn machine) to watch the epic!

  2. No... Red River, after studying about cattle trails. The movie uses all the vocabulary of the trail drive. It made all the vocab. students had to learn realistic. It begins with John Wayne heading for Missouri on the Sedalia Trail, why other people don't want to go to Missouri and eventually heading to Abilene.

  3. Well, I had thought about would be a good one for vocabulary, etc.

  4. I love reading and posting comments on blogs. I am glad that you got yours unblocked so that I can now comment.