Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thing #21 Creating a Photo Story story

I read the comments about creating the PhotoStory assignment. I clicked on Audacity and looked around the program. I read the Help section. But I could not figure out how to record my own narrative. All I saw was information about downloading something else, I guess from a website. How do you create your own narrative on Audacity? I was planning to create a PhotoStory about a book I have been reading this summer called "Forge of Empires: 1861-1871". I did download some pictures to my Photostory, put titles on each picture and chose transitions between the pictures. Since I didn't have any narrative on Audacity, I did not try to load PhotoStory to my blog yet. I guess I cannot finish this lesson until I learn how to use Audacity. I don't think I will use PhotoStory to create a presentation for my students, but if a student wanted to use PhotoStory as a way to present a project, that would be great. On some projects, I give students choices for how they create their assignment. I have not included PhotoStory as a choice before, as it becomes more popular and more people are using it, I'm sure some students will want to use it. I think that would be pretty neat. I got my pictures from Wikipedia, so hopefully there are no copywrite issues.

I'm still having trouble with adding narration. When I clicked on "record", the program did some adjustment to the recording program on the laptop... that is what the message said. But, when I recorded, then played back, there was nothing.

Also... the first slide is visible for 38 seconds, then the rest go by more quickly. I tried to change the number of seconds for the first slide, but when I save the change, it reverts back to the original amount.

I did add music, which does play. So, there is some progress!


  1. Photostory does not require Audacity. PS has its own capabilities of recording your voice if you want to do that...PS has its own music as well if you do not want to upload music from another source. If you never have mad a PS, you should finish your sample and load it here.
    be sure you save it as a wmv...that saving is a two-step process on the screen where saving takes place.

  2. I didn't have any trouble just recording into PhotoStory. I did think it was harder to use audacity and would like to learn more about it. I understand it is easier to do on a mac.The kids do love working with PhotoStory and it will add some variety to your assignments.

  3. Thanks... I had read the posts at the bottom of Thing 21 and those made is seem like I needed to use Audacity to use PhotoStory. I'll give it a try.

  4. wow ..that is a long wait time...I have found occasionally when I change something and save it, that I have to save it under another name t get the change to stick ...don't know why, it is jsut something that happens.