Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thing #19 Web 2.0 Award List

There is a lot of variety of Web Tools. I looked at several.
1. At the IB workshop I'm at, there is a book one of the teachers has recommended about the Interwar Period 1919-1939. However, all of a sudden it has become very popular, due to the curriculum change IB has made and the book has become very difficult to find. I tried, but its results were no different from and Barnes & However, I can see this as a useful site to search for books on a particular subject or maybe a subject where it is hard to find books. The site doesn't seem to be much different from the other two sites, but it is another place to look.

I will include it on a list of sites for my IB students to use when looking for sources for their Internal Assessment research paper.

2. MyHeritage... I would love to use that site. Before I became a teacher I worked on my family's geneology and got quite far with it. It would be neat to put it on the web and connect with other family members. Our immediate family is quite small and it would be interesting to see if distant relatives would be interested. However, I've got a couple of other projects that need to be completed first, before I start doing that.

This is not something I would use in my classroom.

3. the site begins saying a person could learn a foreign language for free at their site. That doesn't really seem possible ("there is no such thing as a free lunch"). It took a while, but they finally got to the payment part. The site is not what it appears to be at the beginning and is not something I would use in my class, anyway.

4. Googlemaps... I played with that a little. This is not something I would use with my class.

I did learn about another map site today that I will use with Model United Nations... it is It has over 300 maps showing visually what parts of the world have or don't have some characteristic. It's really neat.

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